About Pitea Port & Hub

About Pitea Port & Hub

  • The Piteå port company (Piteå Hamn AB) manages and develops the Pitea Port & Hub. The operator, ShoreLink, is responsible for all goods management inside the logistics area, excluding the oil quay which is operated by the port company itself.
  • Pitea Port & Hub has a strong connection to regional enterprise. Approximately 80% of the goods flow consists of forestry products. In recent years, the port has become more differentiated. Of the 25 largest companies in Norrbotten county, 8 are clients of the Port of Piteå, companies such as LKAB, Sveaskog, SmurfitKappa, SCA, but also Stenvalls trä, SunPine and Lindbäcks Bygg.
  • Line traffic to England, the Netherlands and Germany based around transport of SmurfitKappa’s kraftliner.
  • Container line traffic to Bremerhaven och Hamburg.
  • Vehicle terminal for distribution of new vehicles to the counties of Norrbotten and Västerbotten.
    Project cargo such as wind power parts, machinery and facility parts for the mining industry.
  • Bunkering of state icebreaker ships.
  • If plans for the Norrbottnia railroad are realised this would have a major positive impact on port development. With regard to this, future railroad construction through Piteå and the placement of a new railway yard are integral to the port’s opportunities for cost effective cooperation with other operations in the region.

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Are you a supplier? All invoices must go to the company Piteå Hamn AB.
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